Строительство домов

All houses in Ecodolie Obninsk are built with modern high-tech and durable materials.

All homes allow flexible arrangement of internal spaces, have increased energy efficiency, reliability and satisfy international hygiene and safety standards.

Cottage construction technology

  • Foundation – bored piles of 2.5 meters.
  • Base - reinforced concrete raft with smooth surface for painting.
  • Two-layer outer walls:
  • Gas foam concrete blocks of 375 mm;
  • Facing ceramic brick of 120 mm.
  • Interior load-bearing walls – ceramic brick/gas-concrete blocks.
  • Partitions with a total width of 100 mm out of gas concrete blocks/framed partitions.
  • Flooring – reinforced concrete slabs.
  • Windows – PVC, two panes.
  • Front door – steel, insulated with a lock.
  • Roof – draft grating, vapor barrier, ceiling rafter, insulant (mineral cotton 200 mm), diffusive film, conter roofing strip, roofing strip, metal tile. Drop apron – metal floodlight projectors.
  • Cottages in the development will be built and commissioned by stages.
  • Cottages at each new stage will be separated from the earlier built homes, the owners of which may immediately start interior decoration works.
  • Homes of the next stage are built without disturbing peace and comfort of its residents.
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