Селенга | 172.21 m2 | от 8 766 000 RUR


Total area172,21 м2


The two-storey Selenga house with an area of 172.21 square meters is designed for a large family. The house designers provided for everything – a large spacious hall for all family members to fit in, a bedroom on the first floor (for the older generation), a spacious kitchen with a living room that is perfect for family dinners or tea parties with leisurely conversation enjoying birds chirping outside.

The second floor of the Selenga house offers three large rooms, each with a separate access to the hallway. One of the bedrooms has a large closet for clothes and accessories which will delight any woman. Another bonus is a spacious bathroom with a window that lets in plenty of sunlight in the mornings.

The second porch of the Selenga house leading to the backyard is also perfect to enjoying the sun and nice weather. You can turn it into a small summer terrace where you can relax away from the hustle and bustle. The backyard would also be a perfect place for a charcoal grill where your family and friends can enjoy barbecue.

We certainly thought of your car as well. The Selenga house has a spacious garage that will be a delight for any car owner!

A backyard terrace is an additional option.

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