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Where is the community located?

The development is located in the north of the Kaluga Region next to the Belkino village. The Obninsk city area starts within a ten minutes' walking distance. The distance to Moscow is 100 km by the Kievskoye highway.

How can I get to the community by public transport?

You can get there by electric train to Obninsk to the stations Maloyaroslavets or Kaluga I and II from the Kiev railway station (Moscow) to the Obninskoye station (travel time is around 2 hours). Bus connection between Obninsk and Moscow is well developed (a bus leaves every thirty minutes). Most buses from Moscow to Kaluga and other cities in the Kaluga Region make a stop in Obninsk (for 10 to 15 minutes).

How many homes will be built in the development?

The development is expected to have 564 homes.

Who is the developer?

The developer is Ecodolie Obninsk. The Ecodolie Group which includes Ecodolie Obninsk was established in October 2007 by Baring Vostok Capital Partners investment fund (link to the website). The fund specializes on investments in Russia and other CIS countries. Since 1994, Baring Vostok invested over $1.2 billion in 54 projects including a series of successful companies in financial services, oil and gas industry, telecommunications, mass media and the consumer’s sector

What is the size of lots and homes?

The lots vary from 700 to 1,200 square meters with homes from 110 to 393 square meters.

When will be community be fully developed and commissioned?

The development of Ecodolie Belkino on a site of 44.2 hectares is planned to be completed in five years from 2010 to 2015. Construction work and commissioning of homes will be done by stages.

How many homes will be built at the first stage?

The first stage will include the construction of 115 houses and common engineering infrastructure facilities.

What is the current stage of construction?

Two model homes have been built, and houses and engineering communications of the second nad third stages are under construction,  the building is constructed entry group, kindergarten is building. 

How many types of homes will be built in the community?

The community will have 13 types of homes ranging from 110 to 393 square meters. All homes in the development follow the same architectural style.

Вопросы об инфраструктуре


What is the infrastructure of the community?

Central communications are connected to municipal utility systems. At the entry to the community there will be a pharmacy, stores, etc. Child kea centers is building in the community.

Will there be any facilities in the forest area?

Yes, walking trails will be arranged.

Who will provide security services?

Security services provides by a professional security agency - LLC "Alkom".

Who will operate the community?

The community operated by specialized operating company "Ecoservice." More informationyou can find here - http://obninsk.ecoservice-uo.ru/ 

Will further construction interfere with residents?

The entry to the community for construction workers is separated from the main entry and will not interfere with future residents. Cargo and passenger traffic are clearly separated.

Will there be lighting at the community and access road?

The access road and the community are lit up at night.

Will there be children's playgrounds?

Children's playgrounds in the community are already organized in the territory of the first and second lines, will also be organized children's sport playgrounds in the territory of the second lines.

Where will the maintenance service for current repairs be located?

The maintenance service will be located in the building at the entrance.

How wide will the roads be?

The distance between fences is 18 meters with a roadway of 6 meters.

What surface will roads have?

Roads within the community will be asphalt, and walkways will be either asphalt or paving slab.

Will all access road be cleared of snow in the winter?

All roads will be regularly cleared of snow in the winter.

Вопросы по строительству


What is the order in which houses will be built?

The community will be built in stages. At the first stage 115 homes will be built. These are the homes built by the developer and homes purchased by end buyers. The second stage includes individual houses, duplexes, townhouses and apartaments.

What materials are used for construction?

According to design projects, homes are built with gas-concrete blocks encased with brick and a pile-supported foundation. Roofs are made of metal tile.

What is the chimney pipe and ventilation structure?

Homes have a duct ventilation system.

What is the structure of the roof?

Ceiling rafters are installed reinforced with boards from below, then a vapor barrier is installed, followed by a heat insulation layer of 200 mm and a waterproofing layer covered on top with grating to the ceiling rafters and metal tile. This structure fully complies with the design, climatic conditions and construction norms and standards.

What is the thickness and structure of walls?

The outer walls are 495 mm thick including gas-concrete blocks (375 mm) and facing brick (120 mm).

What is the interior layout and interior finish of homes?

Homes are sold without interior finishing. More information on interior layout is available at the sales office and at the website.

What are floors made of?

Floors are made of hollow reinforced concrete plates.

What is implied in a house being completed?

Construction of carrying and enclosing structures, floors, internal partitions, roofing and the front of the house. Windows and entry doors will be installed, and all utility lines will be laid to the house.

What landscaping will be done?

Cut and fill layout and subgrading.

Can any changes be made to the layout (transfer of partitions, additional doorways)?

No changes can be currently made to the layout but after signing the acceptance report, the buyer may negotiate and re-layout the house according to applicable laws.

What is the source of water supply?

Water is upplied from the Vashutinsky water supply point of the City of Obninsk.

What is cut and fill layout?

Cut and fill layout is a number of engineering measures to change the natural terrain by adding or removing ground. Terrain is changed according to the EcoDolie Belkino construction project. Cut and fill layout includes melt and storm water disposal through the storm water sewer to remove excess water from the area.

How high is the base?

The house base is 70 cm high.

How thick are inside partitions?

The partitions inside homes are 100 mm thick.

How deep is the ground water in the community?

Engineering and geological studies have shown that ground water is 4 meters deep.

What companies produce brick used for the exterior of the homes?

We use facing brick produced by the Kaluga Plant of Construction Materials.

Вопросы по коммуникациям


What utilities will be available?

The development will have central utility systems: water supply, sewerage, power supply, gas, telephone and storm water drain.

Will utility lines be separated inside the home?

Utility lines will be installed to the home. Lines may be separated within the home for an additional fee based on a separate agreement.

Will each home has a telephone line?

A telephone cable will be laid to each home. A separate Internet line and satellite television may be installed for an additional fee.

Will boilers be installed?

Heating equipment may be installed for an additional fee under an additional contract.

Will homes have an earth loop?

The earth loop is not included in standard features. The loop may be installed according to the electric line separation design inside a house which we will provide.

May a water well be drilled on a lot?

There will be no need for that. The development will be supplied with good quality drinking water in compliance with all standards and requirements. If you do decide to drill a well, please remember that you will need a permit for drilling and operation which will require time and money. In case you do that without a permit, a penalty may be imposed by the water service company. Another reason not to drill a well is a risk of damaging utility networks which may result in time and financial expenses for you.

Финансовые и юридические аспекты


What is the price of a home with the land and communications?

The price of homeownership with the land and utilities (gas, power, sewerage and water) starts from 5 796 400 rubles.

What is included in the homeownership price?

The price includes construction of the home and all utility networks as well as landscaping and the right to use all social infrastructure facilities.

Is the land included in the price?

The lease of land is transferred to the Buyer from EcoDolie Obninsk. After home ownership registration, in accordance with the Land Code allows the Buyer to privatize their land at the rate of 2.5% of the cadastral value.

Who pays all expenses for execution of the buyer’s title?

All expenses for ownership registration are paid by the buyer.

Is the contractual price fixed?

Yes, the price of agreed contractual parameters will not change. Changes may be made only upon agreement between the parties.

What documents will be issued for the house and land and when?

After commissioning, a title will be issued for the home. The deadlines are agreed upon and stated in the contract. After title registration, the buyer may privatize the land.

What is the payment procedure?

The typical payment procedure for a home with land in our development are: 1. 100%, 2. 30%-30%-40% - free installments for 65 days, 3. paid in installments of 10% downpayment for 1 year at 15%

May rights of claim be assigned at the construction stage?

Rights of claim may be assigned with consent of Ecodolie Obninsk LLC.

Are mortgages available?

Yes, mortgages are available. For more information on mortgages by Sberbank of Russia, please go to the MORTGAGE section.

Can I exchange my apartment for a home?

Unfortunately we do not operate in the secondary housing market. We can recommend a certified real estate agency to help you sell your apartment.

Are homes covered with a warranty?

According to applicable laws, the warranty for a home is effective for 2 years.

Can a non-citizen of Russia purchase a home and land?

Yes, unless prohibited by Russian laws.

Is there a guarantee that the Obninsk district authorities will not increase the lease and price of purchasing land upon title registration?

The conditions of land registration are established by the Federal Legislative Assembly and any changes are made on the legislative level, centralized everywhere in Russia.

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