map5engThe Ecodolie Belkino development is located in the north of the Kaluga Region within the Obninsk city limits. The development is in 89 km from Moscow by the Kievskoye highway known as the fastest highway which guarantees easy access on weekdays and weekends. A paved road leads from the highway to the settlement, and access to the area is secured round the clock.


The location of the settlement is unique. Despite its proximity to the highway and the city, Ecodolie Belkino has favorable ecological conditions. The site choice was not accidental. The area has a good wind rose and picturesque surroundings. On the north the development borders a mixed forest. In close proximity there is the village of Belkino with an eighteenth century family mansion of the Obninsky family with the Boris and Gleb church, Belkino ponds and restored Belkino park with a gazebo and decorative bridge.

You can get to the development

by car:

  • by the Kievskoye highway – 87 km from MKAD
  • by the Kaluga highway – 95 km from MKAD

By public transport:

By electric train:

Starting station: Moscow Kieyvskaya (Kievsky railway station)

Destination: Obninskoye station

Travel time:

  • by regular electric train: 1 hour and 50 minutes
  • by express train:    1 hour and 20 minutes

By bus from Moscow:

From the Metro stations Tyoply Stan, Yugo-Zapadnaya

Travel time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

//Bus connection between Obninsk and Moscow is well developed (a bus leaves every thirty minutes).

Most buses from Moscow to Kaluga and other cities in the Kaluga Region make a stop in Obninsk (for 10 to 15 minutes).

From Obninsk

Buses and minibus taxes

1)      Obninsk - Krivskoye

2)      Obninsk - Borovsk

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