"EcoVillage Vesna 2011"

From May 6 to May 17, EcoStandard Group performed an ecological audit of Ecodolie Belkino and its compliance with NP NBESR Standard Integrated Assessment of Ecological Safety: Land and Low Rise Real Estate. EcoVillage 2.0.

The following objectives were fulfilled during assessment:

  1.     Analysis of location and general environmental situation in the district;
  2.     Assessment of the impact of construction and operation on the    environment and natural resources;
  3.     Measuring the general background radiation in the area; measuring the power of exposure doses in different parts of the area;
  4.     Measuring electromagnetic field strength by the electric component and magnetic density in different parts of the area;
  5.     Chemical air and soil tests, water testing;
  6.     Environmental assessment of adjacent ecosystems;
  7.     Analysis of architectural and construction solutions and technologies;
  8.     Land improvement assessment;
  9.     Surrounding infrastructure assessment;
  10.     Assessment of the developer’s environmental liability.

Based on the audit, the development received an Ecovillage certificate confirming the following:

    The development is safe for residents;
    Its impact on the environment is minimal.

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